Omniduct v1.1.19 documentation

Omniduct is an extensible Python library that provides uniform interfaces to a wide variety of (potentially) remote data providers such as databases, filesystems, and REST services. Its primary objective is to simplify the process of collecting and analysing data in a heterogeneous data environment, and is suitable for deployment in interactive and production environments. To that end, it offers the following features:

  • A generic plugin-based programmatic API to access data in a consistent manner across different services (see Supported protocols).
  • A framework for lazily connecting to data sources and maintaining these connections during the entire lifetime of the relevant Python session.
  • Automatic port forwarding of remote services over SSH where connections cannot be made directly.
  • Convenient IPython magic functions for interfacing with data providers from within IPython and Jupyter Notebook sessions.
  • Utility classes and methods to assist in maintaining registries of useful services.

Omniduct has been designed such that it is convenient to use directly (each user can configure their own service definitions) or via another package (which can create a library of pre-defined services, such as for a company). For more information on how to deploy omniduct refer to Deployment.

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