Supported protocolsΒΆ

The currently supported protocols are listed below. The string inside the square brackets after the protocol name (if present) indicates that support for this protocol requires external packages which are not hard-dependencies of omniduct. To install them with omniduct, simply add these strings to the list of desired extras as indicated in Installation.

  • Databases
    • Druid [druid]
    • HiveServer2 [hiveserver2]
    • Neo4j (experimental)
    • Presto [presto]
    • PySpark [pyspark]
    • Any SQL database supported by SQL Alchemy (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, etc) [sqlalchemy]
  • Filesystems
    • HDFS [webhdfs]
    • S3 [s3]
    • Local filesystem
  • Remotes (also act as filesystems)
    • SSH servers, via CLI backend [ssh] or via Paramiko backend [ssh_paramiko]
  • REST Services (generic interface)

Adding support for new protocols is straightforward. If your favourite protocol is missing, feel free to contact us for help writing a patch to support it.

Within each class of protocol (database, filesystem, etc), a certain subset of functionality is guaranteed to be consistent across protocols, making them largely interchangeable programmatically. The common API for each protocol class is documented in the API & IPython Magics section, along with any exceptions, caveats and extensions for each implementation.